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Colours, beauty and magic had always attracted me. I remember myself as a child making drawings, mixing colours, making my first hand made writing papers with cute little creatures starring on them. At school I often took part in the decoration committee, I liked to make things and to think how things should look like.

Later on it seemed just natural to study graphic design and then to do 4 years in an Art College specialising in photography. The Art College was for me the place to be exposed to and to "touch" different media, to make my trials, to learn in order to (later on) forget. By this I mean to find my own way, the way I do and make things no matter if I cook or paint, if I take a photo, play DJ or dance.

It all started as an experiment with one single t-shirt and kept on developing itself. The range of my work grew as my designs were developing. It was nothing I've ever learnt to do, but something that came out of me naturally.

In my work I combine reality and dream, knowledge and fantasy all together mixes into a fantastic party of colour and shape. Mostly I use elements from nature, but these are not realistic. They are ageless and timeless.

Since all I make is done by hand I have the freedom to constantly play and change and develop. This gives me the opportunity to be surprised again and again and again.

Accompanying my creative path since always was my interest in learning about the magic in life, about being aware, about being attentive to myself and to what's around me. That brought me to take different kinds of courses and workshops and meet beautiful teachers.

Not long ago a physical need led me to experience a beautiful healing. I learnt the method myself in order to be able to give it to others. My experience with this healing is so unique that I feel great honour to give it to others. You can read more about it in the healing page.

I chose to end with a story that tells about the beauty and the necessity of being on the path of awareness.

All the best!





If you are interested in my healing please have a look at my
healing page


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