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Healing Touch - Healing Energy - Spiritual Healing - Energetic wash

(According to method of Orit Cohen-Raz)

"During life, especially in the helpless period in the childhood and in situations of helplessness in general, when we experience stress the body responds in fright and freezes - as a part of an automatic survival reaction. This freezing captures the traumatic situation with the emotional memories connected to it. In this state life is experienced as a survival struggle, which requires a continuous supply of energy. The aim is to leave the conditional survival situations and to live with the basic experience of confidence, peace and health. And also to change the survival struggle experience to a safe and abundant life experience.

The work involves touch that reminds the cells the situation as it was in the embryonic and in the babyhood period before the 'damage' has been done. The arising sensations have an immediate calming effect on the nerve system. The touch is followed by a spiritual healing and combines trembling of voice and movement. We talk about the interrelation between body-mind-soul. Every emotional blockage expresses itself as blockage/a shrinkage in the body: in the muscles system, the tendons, and the bones. It also creates a biochemical blockage - a blockage in the nerve system. The work streams high frequencies (spiritual healing) into the body, opens the passageways and melts and drains toxins that are released from the cells. The stream influences the balance in the brain and directs it towards relaxation and calmness. The immune system strengthens. The new balance that one reaches influences all life fields. It can be experienced as a dramatic change in a certain field or area, and as a spread and gentle influence on the colour and the variety of life experience"
(Orit Cohen-Raz, 2006)

As a student and a therapist of this method,
I invite you to experience this unique healing.

Ronit Cohen

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